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Slice of Life 2021 Day 25: Choosing To Think Like That

“Are you a teacher?,” the officer said as he shined his flashlight on my car that had been torn apart.

“Yes, my kids are probably wondering where I am right now,” I replied. 

“We’ll get you on your way soon, m’am.”

This morning, I walked into the parking garage to see all of my car doors wide open, glove compartment opened and rummaged through, three pairs of sunglasses missing. I felt scared, violated, and frustrated. Had I not locked the car? But, it’s supposed to automatically lock after 16 seconds? How did they get through the multiple doors to access the garage? What time will I be able to get to school?

Throughout all the damage and wonderings, my lesson plans and curriculum books remained untouched on the backseat. 

Thankfully, things proceeded quickly with filing the police report and I was on my way to school. I am very grateful to have a team that was willing to step in to support this morning and an extremely understanding principal. 

“Are you okay?,” my principal asked as I entered school. 

“Yes. All things can be replaced. And, good thing it’s not a sunny day!,” I told him. Although I miss them already and will have to replace them eventually, I wouldn’t be needing any sunglasses on this rainy Thursday. I also explained how my school stuff remained untouched. Surprisingly, they didn’t want to look into multiplying fractions, categorize the types of nonfiction texts, or attempt to strengthen their thesis statements for their literary essay drafts.

“Well, hey. Seems like they value education,” J remarked. 

“I’ll choose to think that’s exactly it, too,” I responded on my way to use all that remained untouched.



2 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2021 Day 25: Choosing To Think Like That

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry! It’s the worst feeling– we can exchange stories when I see you next. I love how, as you always do, you find a little way to weave in some humor. Yep, they value education and left your teaching materials. Don’t cry for things that don’t cry for you, but you can still feel violated and mad! Sending a hug to Boston!


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