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Slice of Life 2021 Day 24: Planning

Planning for My 5th Grade Yearbook Letter

We always tell our students to plan before they write in a system that works for them. As a fifth grade teacher, I have the honor of writing a letter to the 5th Grade Class of 2021. Wanting to make sure I capture their resilience, optimism, and flexibility  from this past year, I think I’m also going to need to plan before I write. Here are some topics and themes I’m hoping to cover. 

  • Resilience 
    • Multiple Pivots 
    • Love of 5W and learning 
  • Not always one right way to do things 
    • Multiple math strategies 
    • Poetry Choices
  • Having a structure/plan for support
    • Boxes & Bullets
    • Statement, Evidence, Explanation 
  • Using Your Voice and Listening to Others
    • Sharing the Air 
    • Building off Of Others
    • Lifting Others Up 
    • Showing your engagement in other ways 
  • Favorite Memories
    • Mealworms
    • Jerry Craft Author Visit 
    • Balloons

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