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Slice of Life 2021 Day 23: An Unexpected Surprise at the …

“A gift for you has shipped!,” read the subject of the email I opened this morning. 

It’s not my birthday or any real reason to celebrate but this week has been a tough one and I knew immediately who was on the gifting end of this unexpected surprise. 

“I LOVE the joggers. That was so sweet of you,” I texted Jackson while pouring vanilla almond milk into my iced coffee this morning. 

I thought about them the entire ride to work. I love comfy casual and this was a pair I had been eyeing for a while. I thought about planning a pajama day for the class, just so I could sport this new set. I also thought about the guy behind the gesture and smiled even harder. 

As I was waiting for my computer to connect to the wifi as soon as I arrived at work, I scrolled through my phone again and found myself rereading this email. 

My eyes averted to the address. “Oh noooo,” I thought to myself. He was off by ten digits. 

Without wanting to ruin his kind gesture, I immediately searched for the Customer Service number. No luck. I found out they send their orders right to the shipment center so there’s nothing they can do. Grrrrr. 

I googled the address that he mistakenly entered. It was a lash extension/facial place – okay I could stop in there and ask them if they could let me know when a package arrives for me. 

Wait, 395 or 385? Oh no. It was a dentist office. I’ve been meaning to find a dentist in the area for quite some time now. 

“If you are calling to schedule an appointment, press 1. If you are calling to speak to the dentist, press 2. If you are calling with COVID related questions, press 3. For insurance and billing, press 4. All other calls, press 5.”

Five was the only option here.  

“Family Dental, how can I help you today?”

“HI, I’m sure you have never received a request like this but my boyfriend ordered a gift for me but mistakenly put in your address instead of mine. I’m a few apartments down the street. Is there anyway you could let me know when it arrives?,” I asked while crossing my fingers. 

“Of course. What a nice boyfriend. I needed call like that. What’s your phone number?”

I gave her my phone number, thanked her big time, and — “Wait. I’m also new to the area and looking for a new dentist.” Our conversation naturally continued. 

With a bit of kindness and luck, I scored a new jogger set and a new dentist.  

I think my outfit for my dentist appointment is already secured.


One thought on “Slice of Life 2021 Day 23: An Unexpected Surprise at the …

  1. This. Is. Excellent. I love that he got you the joggers, I appreciate how much you covet those sorts of clothes, I completely understand entering in the wrong address, and how great that you have a dentist and an outfit to wear for your teeth cleaning. A bright set of circumstances for an otherwise rough week.


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