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Slice of Life 2021 Day 21: How-To, Venmo Edition

One of my favorite forms of writing to enjoy with students is how-to tutorials. I love the humor that students incorporate into sharing step by step instruction with others and the freedom in composition. I also love starting how-to writing off by having students instruct me on how to make a peanut butter and jelly – an activity that requires lots of wipes on hand and is credited to Melanie Meehan!

This weekend, I found myself teaching my Dad how- to Venmo. 

  1. “Okay, go to the App Store and search for Venmo.”
  2. “You don’t know your Apple ID? Dad, we go through this a lot! You need to know it. Did you write it down somewhere?”
  3. “Mom probably did.”
  4. “Okay,  once you have that you can download the App.”
  5. Venmo is downloading. 
  6. Downloaded!
  7. “Okay, no you need to set up your profile. Answer the questions it asks you.”
  8. [Dad inputs personal information.]
  9. “Okay, now we need to set it up with your Bank Account or Debit Card. It’s pretty secure, don’t worry.” 
  10. [Dad links bank account.]
  11. “Okay, do you see the blue button that says pay or request?”
  12. “Yep.”
  13. “Okay, click that and then type in her Venmo name.”
  14. “Got her.  Well, I think that’s her.”
  15. “Yeah, that looks right. (We’ll get to scanning their code at a later session). Okay, now type in the amount by clicking on the $ sign.”
  16. “And, now you can let her know what it’s for by typing there.”
  17. “Ohh, Dad. Most people just do like a word or two for what it’s for. And she already will know that it’s coming from you so no need to make it sound like an email.”
  18. “Interesting. So I shouldn’t make it personal?”
  19. “I guess a little. Most people choose like an emoji or something. They even created special ones for frequently used transactions – like for Chipotle and Uber.” 
  20. “Oh, you must use those all the time Allie.”
  21. “Yeah. 😎 Oh, and Dad make sure you hit pay, not request.”
  22. “Got it.”
  23. “YOU did it!! Do you feel like a Venmo pro now?”
  24. “Mhmmm.”

How long do you think until he calls me again asking for help? Brad and I lovingly place our bets. 😆


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