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Slice of Life 2021 Day 15: Finding the JOY

It’s Monday. Every Monday morning our Morning Meeting share is, “what brought you joy this weekend?” Over time, students have chosen to focus on the small moments – especially given this year. 

It was my turn to share. I really didn’t do much this weekend, Annie (roommate) and Jackson (boyfriend) were both visiting their families at home. I walked around Boston, but I’ve shared about my walks before. I binged watched a show, but nothing I could share with the class. I did school work which brought some joy, but overall borrring. I had pizza, but J and L already shared their first bite of their mouth-watering Saturday night pizza as their moment that brought them joy. I went grocery shopping, but whoop dee do. 

Wait, yes, I went grocery shopping. My mind transported me back to the socially distant check-out line. The one where the majority of the wait was spent staring at the ice cream pints and quarts. There were flavors upon flavors to investigate. My heart versus my willpower were at odds with each other. 

“Couldn’t the line markers have us waiting by the vegetables?,” I thought to myself. 

My heart won. I went with a new brand, Jeni’s. I went with the flavor Gooey Butter Cake. 

⏩ Fast Forward to the unpacking of the groceries. I took out the ice cream and noticed it felt soft to the touch. I love when some of the ice cream gets super soupy and boy, it was just that. I grabbed a spoon and went for it. 

That first bite brought me joy. It was a gem of a flavor- a rich, creamy, base with chunks of butter cake that tasted just like my Grandmother’s, finished off with a smooth caramel swirl. My heart told my willpower, “Got you there. It was the right choice.” 

I shared this as my moment that brought me joy this weekend. 

“I think I’ve had that flavor!” 

“My grandma makes this really good cake, too!”

“I had ice cream this weekend, too!” 

Here’s to finding the joy, sharing the joy, and connecting through those joyous moments. 


2 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2021 Day 15: Finding the JOY

  1. Where do you get Jeni’s in Boston? The Ohio Jeni’s? You just might be bringing joy into my life! Love how you shared your process for finding a topic as well – this is one to save and share in Sept or whenever students are feeling they have nothing to write.


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