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Slice of Life 2021 Day 13: Friday Afternoon Laughs

This past Friday afternoon, two moments stand out because of the laughs that they brought to our classroom community. I continue to laugh as I picture them unfolding.

The First: We were enjoying some spring-like weather and we just had to take advantage. We had our socially-distanced snack outside. Each of the fifth grade classes marked their territory and fifth graders began chewing and conversing. Some complained that they were “chilly” because fifty degrees means shorts-weather for 5th Grade New Englanders. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my friend and colleague, K, attempting to pick-up snack trash that was about to blow. The rest of my class must’ve also seen this out of the corner of their eye as their heads turned and fingers pointed in her direction.

Unfortunately, for K, the wind picked up at just the right time and the wrapper blew a little farther. The wind appeared to die down as she inched closer and almost had her foot on it, but then, whoosh….she was chasing after it again.

And again. And again. And again.

One of my students started narrating the scene like a sports announcer would,

“She’s approaching the trash and …. Fumble! She starts right back up again and she’s off. Ohhh another near miss by Ms. J.” It was perfect.

K finally reached victory. She reached her hands in the air in triumph. I’m not sure if she realized it as she was on the chase, but she had drawn quite the crowd. She earned a standing ovation from 5W.

“The crowd goes wild!!!,” our announcer added.

Thanks for the laughs, K. 

The Second: “Hey, N, I’m not sure if you realize this but your camera is sideways. So you look sideways to us.” 

I didn’t hear back from her so decided to message her in the chat. “Everything okay?”

No response and no indication that she was typing back. The book group conversation continued and N was still horizontal while we were all vertical. 

With five minutes left, a message from N appeared. “This took me a while to write because everything is sideways. You guys are all on your side. Is it just me?” 

Ohh, N.

“I think so :).” I replied. 

“Want to rejoin?” I suggested. 

She rejoined but there she was again, still sideways. We had our giggles and N did too. 

Our time was coming to the end and students were about to vote on our closing greeting to send each other off for the weekend. Virtual high-fives, air hugs, alphabetical order, pinky shake, and strike a pose have been some of our favorites this year. 

“Hey! I have an idea,” K shared. 

“Go on,” I nudged. 

“Let’s wish everyone a weekend that is right side up! Especially N,” he suggested. 

I loved it. They loved it. It was a landslide vote.

“Hope your weekend is right-side up, B!” 

“Hope your weekend is right-side up, Ms. Woodruff!”

Repeated 19 times, with giggles each time. 

❤️ These were the perfect Friday afternoon laughs to close out our week together. I am grateful for the little moments like these that bring such joy into my life. ❤️


2 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2021 Day 13: Friday Afternoon Laughs

  1. The ability to laugh with students, engage in playful conversation, and (when the moment calls) tuck your pride into your back pocket along with a snack bag that’s been blowing around…now THAT is the mark of a teacher who’s got an honest, sincere relationship with her kiddos.


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