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Slice of Life 2021 Day 7: Broken Record Feeling

“I have that broken record feeling,” I shared with my literacy coach. “I know that they can do it, but, I feel like I shouldn’t have to remind [most] of them every step of the way.”

We went through the instructional steps that I have taken for 5th Grade Reading Responses: modeling responses, scaffolded graphic organizer, student’s creation of their own graphic organizer that works for them, conferring, measuring up to the progressions, reflecting, and bootcamp seminar sign-ups for specific skills within the reading response. 

“It seems like you’re looking for a way to hold student’s accountable for all that they’ve learned,” my literacy coach identified what I needed.

“What if each time they submit a Reading Response when they “write long” they have to tell you why they are more proud of this one than the previous one they handed in?,” she suggested. 

That sounds like exactly what I need. Scratch that, that sounds exactly like what they need. 

Like anything, it might not work for all. But, I am excited to see the growth and accountability that comes with this plan. 


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