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Slice of Life 2020 Day 30: In my opinion….

“The show is so much better. Don’t even bother with the book,” my friend B texted in our group chat. 

I typed “?!?!” and erased it. I typed “I loved the book!!!” and erased it. 

I noticed my jaw tensing. Steam was close to pouring out of my ears. I really disagreed with B’s opinion. 

I typed, “Really?! The show is great but I loved the book so much more!”

“Whoosh!” My phone made that familiar sound when a message sends.

I wanted my other friends to read the book. I wanted B to give it a chance. I’ve been loving the show “Little Fires Everywhere” but I loved the book so much more. I always love books more than the movie or show. I’m that type of person. 

I think B’s problem is that she started watching the show and reading the book simultaneously. No wonder she won’t give the book a chance. 

While I still disagree with B, she’s entitled to her opinion too. I just want her to realize that she should read the book and that there are reasons why the book is better, in my opinion. 

With some trimming, I just found my workshop connection for my soon-to-be recorded video lesson for opinion writing. 

p.s. I’m still so passionate that the book is better. Writing this has not eliminated my frustration. B is totally getting a copy of my mentor opinion essay. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 30: In my opinion….

  1. How do I love this? Let me count the ways … the book is almost always better. Books have carefully-crafted details that the movie makers mess with. How we “see” what we read is not what directors “see” and movies just can’t capture it all! Your irritation comes through so amusingly clear – and above all I love how you are catapulting this into writing an opinion piece to “share”!


  2. I can SO picture you having this discussion, just continually making your point until it’s heard, loud and clear. For me, this line set the tone: I typed “?!?!” and erased it. I typed “I loved the book!!!” and erased it. Something about the repetition…


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