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Slice of Life 2020 Day 29: The Lasagna Surprise

My mom had asked me to pick up a lasagna curbside to support one of our favorite local spots. She wanted to drop one off for my brother later this afternoon. 

I was on the lasagna mission. I drove out of the neighborhood and was soon on the main roads. It was rainy so I pressed for the rearview wiper. 

I could now see the car behind me. “Aw, that’s the same car as Brad’s,” I said to myself. 

As I was looking in my rearview mirror, my foot simultaneously eased off the gas. 

“590-huh, those digits are the first part of Brad’s license plate, too,” I thought to myself. 

On the road ahead, two lanes were forming. One to go straight and one to go left. I was going straight. The car I was speculating to be Brad’s was going left. 

As I continued to assess the car and the driver, my foot continued to ease off the gas pedal, giving the car I was so interested in time to close in. 

It was Brad! I waved. I realized he might not be familiar with my new car yet. It took him a minute but he realized it was me. He waved back, his smile showing his pleasant surprise to see me. 

The light in front of us turned red, giving us a moment to pause. We rolled down our windows, our cars parallel to each other. 

“What’s up sis? I was just going for a drive for a change of scenery. Did you know that was me behind you?” He asked. 

“Yeah, I saw you first. I’m going to pick up a lasagna for you.” 

His excitement for his upcoming lasagna was written all over his face. His smile was contagious.

The light turned green. We rolled up our windows and waved goodbye. 

My brother hasn’t been able to see us or come to my parent’s house due to his doctor’s cautionary advice.

I’m very thankful for our conversation at the red light. 


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 29: The Lasagna Surprise

  1. No coincidence – that lasagna was preordained for you to see your brother and for him to see you! Sweet slice layered with love and patience … safety to your brother, and to all.


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