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Slice of Life 2020 Day 28: Four Hundred Pieces

I walked outside to grab the mail. From a very safe distance, I saw my five year old neighbor standing there with a bag of something colorful. 

“Hi, Evelyn!,” I said as I waved. 

She screamed back-most likely worried that with the extra distance between us, I would be unable to hear her. 

“Want some CHALK?” She yelled, with an extra emphasis on the word chalk. 

Before I could answer her, she explained her offerings. 

“My mom ordered chalk and they DOUBLED our order so now we have FOUR HUNDRED pieces of chalk!!” Evelyn exclaimed, with theatrical hand motions on her emphasized words of choice. 

“That’s so crazy! I’ve seen you put it to good use though. I would love some. You can leave it right there and I’ll grab it. Thank you Evelyn!,” I replied.

“You are WELCOME!,” she pronounced as she left the chalk a few spaces in front of her, with her winter gloves on. 

She marched off to find the next neighbor who might be outside; her skit having been perfectly executed on her first try. 

I put my gloves on, retrieved the chalk Evelyn had left for me, and wrote a message for one of medical heroes-my cousin, nurse Meggie. 

I began to see other driveways become alive with color. Driveways now illuminated with illustrations of creativity, messages of hope, and outpourings of gratitude- to the heroes out there and our spirited tiny neighbor. 

I snapped a picture of my message to Meggie JUST (in Evelyn’s emphasized voice) as I felt a raindrop on my forehead. 

At least there are four-hundred pieces of chalk….


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 28: Four Hundred Pieces

  1. This slice was so endearing and so well done! It is just as I would imagine a child would act and I love the positive tone throughout. Thank you for sharing this moment.


  2. There is so much I love about this scene between you and your neighbor.

    As for me, I have a few pieces of chalk in the garage that I may put to some good use. =)


  3. 400 pieces! I want some chalk! I wish I hadn’t thrown mine out when we moved. Love the way you captured the interaction between you and Evelyn. Loved how you turned the good deed over to the next person. Miss you.


  4. I found this hysterically funny – the interchange, the child screaming and the emphasis on the word chalk, etc. It was all so vivid. How lovely that the neighborhood came to life with artwork … which can be recreated …


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