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Slice of Life 2020 Day 27: All Okay

Today, I got to see a lot of you today via FaceTime chats. The rest of you I will see on Monday. We will all get together for a virtual morning meeting on Tuesday.


You were so eager, 

so polite, 

had so much to share about your reading and writing lives, 

your new traditions, 

and the old ones you miss so dearly. 

You showed me a bear in your backyard, 

your paintings, 

your brownies that just came out of the oven, 

your dogs, 

and your favorite spaces to do your work. 

You looked older, 

taller, and you all seemed so mature. 

You were all okay. 

You were all okay. 


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 27: All Okay

  1. Such a celebratory post! Beautiful in its simplicity. I can hear the happiness in your words, seeing that your students are all okay. I know it must have been wonderful to see the brownies and dogs, the bear … scary that the kids seem older so fast, though. They must have been so thrilled to see you, too.


  2. The repetition of “You were all okay” at the end of this slice adds incredible poignancy. Today, my son’s teacher convened their class online for the first time. I saw one moment when he was nearly overwhelmed at seeing all their little faces (they brought their pets, too!) – I imagine this poem would resonate deeply for him; it certainly did for me.


  3. So much this! I love how you use all of the small moments from your kids to bring us the picture of being OK. Of them being OK. Of us knowing that someday, it will all be OK.


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