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Slice of Life 2020 Day 26: Quarantine Pants

“Raise your hand if you’re actually wearing real pants,” I asked my team in our Google Meets PLC today. We were with the third grade team, admin,  and our instructional coaches. It was a pretty large group. No one raised their hand. 

Instead, we all attempted to simultaneously show everyone their leggings/joggers/pajama pants. Some legs went straight up, some went sideways, some cameras tilted as they tried to show their pants to all of us. 

“Oh boy, I’m glad we are all in our homes instead of someone walking into the conference room and seeing this sight,” our principal noted. 

The pants conversation continued. “Athleisure companies are totally marketing towards the work from home outfits,” a colleague commented. Everyone chimed in again, noting how they were totally guilty of buying another pair of leggings or sweats.

“I think our next biggest problem after all of this is going to be to figure out how to get everyone back in ‘real pants’,” I said. 

Everyone liked the sounds of that ‘problem.’

We did get a lot of work done-just in our comfiest “pants” and after a few laughs.


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 26: Quarantine Pants

  1. Absolutely! I’m the kind of teacher who will say she wants to be a physical trainer on “career dress-up” days at school – not just because that *would* be cool, but because it’s a great way to come to work in the clothes that make me feel – well, most *me.*

    Great slice!


  2. I wrote about something similar today but added in that I tried my real pants on today and they didn’t fit! You need to try yours on, just to see, lol. I, of course, have been indulging in extra treats.


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