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Slice of Life 2020 Day 20: Dear Technology…

Dear Technology, 

You’re saving us right now. You’re saving me right now.

Just today, technology let me listen in on the Zoom call with educators across the country during the TWT “coffee” chat, meet with my fourth grade team and our LAC to discuss finalizations as we launch our distance learning plan on Monday, take a live Barre3 class on Instagram, and join my girls from Providence for a virtual happy hour via FaceTime. 

Most importantly, technology let my students see me today. It let them see me giving them a very enthusiastic “hiiii!!,” show them our porch that I’ve been spending most of my time in, and let them listen to how I’ve missed them so very much. 

They weren’t getting off the hook with just that. 😉 Today, my video included a problem where they had to estimate how many chocolate chips were in a mason jar. I then asked them to find the exact answer given this information…. 

  • 19 servings
  • 1 serving = 1 TBSP 
  • 1 TBSP= 128 mini- chocolate chips. 
  • My dad ate 2 servings in one sitting. How many mini-chocolate chips were left?

The answers came pouring in. My favorite was the student who sent her answer in and attached a selfie with her dog. Do you think they know how much this makes my day?

There will be lots and lots of videos of myself to come for my class. Guest appearances from my parents, short riddles, games,  jokes, stories, and exercise challenges might just be a few. Rumor also has it Melanie and I might just learn and do Tic Tok for them. 

Inspired from the Zoom call this morning, I also want to empower them to share videos with each other or for younger grades. 

They need our community. I need our community. 

Thank you, technology. 

p.s. For all you mathematicians…. 2, 176 mini-chocolate chips 


2 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 20: Dear Technology…

  1. I am thinking of just how much creativity will come out of the kids these days …they’re masters of the tech and can bend it to their will. It is bittersweet to be thanking technology … I have heard pastors say “Thank God for technology” as they stay connected to their faith communities. It is a lifeline now – which you so clearly illustrate.


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