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Slice of Life 2020 Day 19: Rejuvenated

Today, my teacher brain was rejuvenated. My teacher energy is back. It was much needed. 

It happened for a few reasons. First, my team and I met virtually with our administration to discuss phase one of our distance learning plan. My fingers are crossed that we won’t need many more phases. 

After the call, I reached out to families, sharing the updated information I had. I heard back from lots and lots of students. They made me smile, laugh, cry, and one even challenged me to a knee hockey game upon our return to school. 

Also, after the call, I began thinking of ways to socially connect with my students as we practice social distance. I also want them to connect with each other. There are a few things I know for certain about my class: they’re competitive, they love the books we’ve read as a class, and a lot of them enjoy sports. My idea?  To create a March Madness Book Bracket virtually. Each day, they will vote on which book should make it to the next round and why. May their favorite win!

Additionally, I’m going to share lots of videos of myself with them. Some days it might reveal the book that made it to the next round, other days perhaps I’ll challenge them to a push-up competition, and some days maybe I will just share a short story about my day/life-much like I would for a workshop connection. 

My brain is spinning with more and more ideas. It feels so good. While the situation we are in is far from ideal, I’m excited to create and innovate to connect with them. 

Now, I need to practice my knee-hockey skills. 


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 19: Rejuvenated

  1. Love these ideas and that your priority is to connect with your students and to connect them with each other. They need their learning community right now. Can’t wait to hear more about tomorrow morning – see you for coffee!!


  2. EXCELLENT way to promote reading – a book bracket! I hold to the belief that good things will come of these hard times. Reading your post is rejuvenating. And you have lots of time to practice your knee hockey – look out, kids -!!


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