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Slice of Life 2020 Day 14: Dear Students

Dear Students, 

I know today is Saturday but I’ve been thinking about you all a lot today. First things first, I hope you washed your hands A LOT! 

I hope you did something to get your mind off your hockey or gymnastics tournaments being cancelled. I hope you had a memorable birthday, T!!

I hope you played outside today. Maybe you danced, drew with chalk, played roller hockey, or went on a walk through nature.

I hope you did something kind today for your mom or dad or a sibling. 

I hope you read. Remember that reading challenge we talked about yesterday?! Yeah, I already finished my first book today- bring it on! 🙂 

The book I just finished totally didn’t end how I wanted it to. I might have to write my version of the perfect ending to it tomorrow. Lastly, I hope you write if you’re feeling confused,  worried, if you have a story to tell, a letter to write, a cupcake menu to create, an ideal ending to a favorite book, or anything else that might lead you to write. 

Keep washing your hands, 

Ms. Woodruff


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 14: Dear Students

  1. What a great letter to send to your students. I hope they did at least some of what you suggest, especially the washing-hands part. I hope you don’t get too overwhelmed by their responses that you can’t respond to them all. Good luck, and be safe and healthy.


  2. Keep,washing your hands… and remember, remember everything we are about because, no matter what, we are still about that. 👸🏻


  3. You capture this so very well, Allie. I tell my loveys, but I don’t think they quite believe me that I carry them with me everywhere.

    Good luck on that reading challenge!


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