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Slice of Life 2020 Day 12: Game Changer

Have you ever had an afternoon pick me up that makes everything seem alright? Have you ever done something that made you snap out of it? 

Today, this cowboy cookie did this for me. Total game changer. 

This cowboy cookie was meant to celebrate the end of parent- teacher conferences, a “yay me,” a high five to myself, a pat on the back. 

One bite in as I exhaled. The sweetness of the oatmeal, combined with the crunchiness of the pecans, mixed with the gooey, melt in your mouth chocolate chips, presented me with a moment of gratitude and ease. Total game changer. 

This made me forget momentarily the worries and fears of the unknown. This made me release and laugh off some of my frustration and shock with Bachelor Pete’s mom, Barbara. This made me celebrate the partnerships I have developed with student families and caregivers. This cowboy cookie made me smile and tell myself, “you’re home from school and it’s still light out- go for a run.” Total game changer. 

Cowboy cookie digested- $4

sneakers on- $50

AirPods in -$150

Heading into Friday with the mindset this cowboy cookie renewed in me- priceless 


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