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Slice of Life 2020 Day 9: New Shoes= New Teaching Opportunities

If you have been following along on my slicing journey, you know that I went to Target for shoes this Saturday. You know that I accompanied my mom Sunday as she tried on a dress for an upcoming wedding. What you also need to know is that Sunday’s shopping trip also resulted in another new pair of shoes.

These two new pair of shoes provided me with a few teaching opportunities on this springlike Monday…

Teaching Opportunity 1: Reader’s Workshop Connection. “So this weekend, I went shopping on Saturday and Sunday. My purpose for shopping on Saturday was pretty straightforward, to find a new pair of comfy work shoes. My purpose for shopping on Sunday was to help my mom decide on a dress for an upcoming family wedding. This got me thinking…in the same way that I had two different purposes for shopping this weekend, author’s also have different purposes for writing and it is our job to determine which purpose the author might have for writing….”

Teaching Opportunity 2: Helping a student with a tough morning. I wrote a previous slice about student A. Something else you need to know about A is that she is VERY into fashion and makes it pretty well-known when she approves of my outfits. The message “A is having a rough morning. Just wanted to let you know” popped up on my phone around 8:35 this morning. My response- “Sorry to hear that-tell her I was so excited to show her my new pair of shoes.” She came strolling in about ten minutes later and smiled as she entered our classroom, looking down at my shoes.

Teaching Opportunity 3: An entry point for opinion writing. I have a student who is working on writing opinion pieces from concrete pictures or objects. Today, she had pictures of both shoes I purchased this weekend in front of her. Her prompt: “Which do you like better? Why?”

Teaching Opportunity 4: Diverting student behavior. A proactive behavior management strategy I have been using is diverting one student’s attention before it becomes too difficult to do so. “Hey ____, can you go ask the nurse for a band-aid for me? My new shoes are giving me blisters!”

Teaching Opportunity 5: Writer’s Workshop Connection. “You already know I got two pairs of shoes this weekend. On Saturday, my primary goal was to find a new pair of shoes at Target. I ended up accomplishing a lot more than I initially set out to do as I purchased cleaning supplies, groceries, and got a coffee all at Target. This got me thinking that in the same way that you initially started out writing to argue a claim and reasons to support your claim, you accomplished so much more than your initial goal. Today is our day to celebrate that.”

I’m thinking I’ll need another new pair of shoes for next Monday… 😉


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 9: New Shoes= New Teaching Opportunities

  1. Thank you. I enjoyed reading. It’s so important that students feel their writing is purposeful. What great opportunities you gave them! Next week, new toothbrushes? Cleaning product? Cat food???


  2. What this brings to mind for me is – every moment is a teachable and write-able one! Such mileage out of those shoes! Yes … you MUST keep the momentum going by getting another pair … 🙂


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