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Slice of Life 2020 Day 8: Celebrating International Women’s Day

“Come with me, I need your opinion on a dress,” my mom said to me this morning as she is looking for a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding. I never say no to a shopping trip, so we got in the car.

She knew exactly the dress she was looking for as she saw it on the mannequin a few days ago. By the looks of it, I liked it on the hanger but I had to let her know that it was a jumpsuit, not a dress. After this clarification, she went to try it on.

She was ready for the reveal, I smiled in admiration, “Oh WOW mom, I love it!”

The jumpsuit was so beautiful on her. So much so, that all of the store employee’s and customer’s came to admire my mom in this blush jumpsuit. “That’s a definite yes,” they said -nudging her to buy the dress, matching bracelet, shoes, and clutch.

My mom, looking stunning in this jumpsuit, was the perfect reminder for me on International Women’s Day. I’m so thankful to have a woman like her as my mom. She is beauty, grace, a symbol of strength and everything a daughter could ever want in a mom.

Thanks to that light pink jumpsuit for this reminder to celebrate women like her today.

No one will pull the jumpsuit off like you will, Mom.



5 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 8: Celebrating International Women’s Day

  1. Your slice is full of beauty and grace. A lovely tribute … and I love the blush shade. It’s subtle but makes everything around it look good. Sort of like inherent power. Quite symbolic for a celebration of women.


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