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Slice of Life 2020 Day 3: Dream Job

“Isn’t it crazy how much you enjoy them?” One of my teacher friends from college asked me this weekend while at dinner. Like most of us teachers, I would come home from elementary school and teach the days lesson to all of my stuffed animals sitting in front of me. 

Melissa’s question got me thinking: she’s right. They are definitely much more fun (and lively) than my stuffed animal students. I certainly have many precious moments that make me so grateful to be in my second year of teaching.

Here are some special moments I’ll want to remember about my 2019-2020 group so far:

  • When I gave them the prompt “Ms. Woodruff was in a meeting and looked down and realized her Apple Watch wasn’t charged … Write the beginning to this story.” Their responses were so sweet and made me appreciate how much I do share about my life (thanks workshop connections !!). Some stories mentioned how my reminders won’t come up for meetings, i might miss texts from my mom which will worry her, I’ll get approximately 2 “potential spam calls” each afternoon, and that I wouldn’t be able to set my timer using Siri for any student who might not be using time effectively 😉 
  • How they cheer each other on and tell each other “we can do hard things” or even write it on a whiteboard during an assessment for each other 
  • How somehow my fear of mice jokingly turned into a few students wanting to have a classroom pet mouse and writing opinion essays to convince me that this is needed. 
  • Our love of post-it notes
  • Their love of finding good books for each other
  • How they love each read aloud 
  • How they finish my sentences at times 
  • How they’re still convincing me that we need a classroom pet mouse whose name is now “Jim” 
  • Relationships matter and I’m really enjoying my second class ever. Just not enough to give them said “Jim” 😉 
  • Thanks to all my stuffed animals for the years of training. Yes, Melissa, the real deal is much better than I ever imagined. 

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 3: Dream Job

  1. Absolutely adorable … it’s all a testimony to the great relationship you’ve developed with the class and the class as a community. This is a place where I would have loved to be as a child. Oh, and I did have a pet mouse once. Didn’t know it was pregnant … within a couple of days, I had a litter of mice! If said Jim does materialize (!!) make sure he’s a he! You’re doing magnificent work here – truly.

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