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Slice of Life: “I have an idea for you”

“I have an idea for you,” Melanie said as she walked into my classroom early one Friday morning. Following her blog and Two Writing Teachers, I had a feeling I knew what idea she might be referring to as we near March 1st. Well, sure enough, she brought up slicing. You’re reading this now, so I’m sure you know my response to Mel.

As I sit here trying to find just the right words for my first post before Bachelor Monday, I began thinking about how I want to hear more of “I have an idea!” in my classroom. I can recall a few instances where I have been working with a student and all of a sudden they gasp and say, “I have an idea!” I forgot how exciting and refreshing these words sound, especially coming from fourth graders.

Thanks Mel for reminding me how invigorating this phrase can be. I can’t wait to find ways to hear these words more often from my students and to hear my own inner voice say, “I have an idea!” as that lightbulb goes off through this blogging journey.

Here’s to all those ideas to come. Happy slicing,



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